Less than Ill give out the general opinion you to definitely myths, religion, mysticism, and you will esotericism enjoys regarding each count

Less than Ill give out the general opinion you to definitely myths, religion, mysticism, and you will esotericism enjoys regarding each count

The meaning off Number

While i previously mentioned, its essential that you select your own meanings, however it does assist to understand what for each matter form. spicymatch ekÅŸi Possibly we really is tuning towards the antique time, magic, and you can concept of for every single number:

Count 0

Zero is actually representative of the primordial void, brand new uterus, the realm of prospective. Zero are a group one to represents totality: whatever precedes lives, the brand new eternal push. It is nothing and you can everything you, first in addition to end. No is often symbolic of Spirit otherwise God, and hence out-of unity and wholeness.


You to represents leaders, electricity, and you can rely on. Top feels as though an even arrow hence shows engagement and you can reliability. You’re as well as reflective from personality, self-breakthrough, and you can mind-empowerment. In place of no, that is women and you may receptive, you’ve got a male and you may willful opportunity.

# 2

Two is the quantity of duality; the new split up we perceive in daily life between white and you may dark, inside and out, yin and you can yang, male and you can feminine, bad and good, life and death, mind and cardiovascular system, and the like. Similarly, one or two symbolizes union, but on the other side, they symbolizes argument and you may resistance. When healthy, several try numerous equilibrium, however when unbalanced, the quantity several would be harmful.


Around three is usually seen as an especially lucky and you will powerful number. Around three means the brand new divine principle one underlies lives such as the mind, looks, and you may soul; birth, life-and-death; delivery, middle and you can prevent; earlier, establish and upcoming, an such like. Religious living such Wicca and you will Christianity signify brand new spiritual push due to the fact a great triune, like, the father, Son, and you can Holy Spirit, as well as the Maiden, Mom, and Crone. About three are a symbol of achievements, instinct, and you will fortune.

Number 4

Five are a grounded and secure number one evokes a feeling of calmness and you will solidity. Four is very much rooted in brand new physical business in fact it is from the becoming introduce plus the fresh new “today.” Such as for instance, you can find four seasons, five issue, and four edges of your own environment. Five concerns building a powerful foundation and you may development a lower-to-earth perspective.


Five is actually lots of thrill and liberty. Five is even a highly sensual count (five senses, five-fingers and you may leg) and its particular regarding viewing lifestyle, seeking to the fresh new enjoy, and seeking out satisfaction. Which number is additionally linked to feeling lifetime alter (such as for instance wedding, separation and divorce, this new services) and you can making extremely important possibilities.

Number 6

Six stands for an equilibrium between your earthly and you can religious areas. Half dozen is additionally connected to instinct, clairvoyance, and other extrasensory capabilities (and therefore the newest “sixth” sense). Into the numerology, half a dozen is the quantity of mom; the one who nurtures and you will compassionately provides anybody else.

# 7

7 try a magical count that is of this synchronicity, luck, and brilliance (seven chakras, eight tone of one’s rainbow, 1 week on the week, etc.). 7 is also thought to be a strange amount that is linked so you can spiritual waking, introspection, therefore the development of facts. That it number was pertaining to the search for Truth additionally the desire for a much deeper knowledge of lives.

No. 8

7 is actually connected to abundance, success, and economic better-are. Ingenuity, hard work, commitment, and you may interior fuel are all attributes out of 7. Spiritually, eight is seen as an equalizer otherwise balancer (hence their figure) you to definitely unites the latest mindful for the unconscious, and earthly towards the religious. This basically means, seven is reflected on proverb “you are going to experience everything you sow.”


9 ’s the quantity of satisfaction. Information, self-examination, enlightenment, and higher consciousness are common characteristics of the count nine. Nine is additionally connected to ones highest objective and greatest lives mission; that it count encourages us to take a wild birds eyes look at our everyday life.